Jan 252009

Hello hello and welcome to the fantastic voyage that is The Best Cuts of Music with your hosts Robe Flax and Sam Houser. Today we make a few stops all over the world. We hope you packed your passports and are ready for adventure! This mix was designed for all seasons, so whether you’re on the northern hemisphere and it’s cold, or you’re on the southern side enjoying the heat, this will enlighten and be a wonderful compliment to your day. Keep on subscribing and have fun!

download mp3: The Best Cuts of Music: Edition 08

1. Ray Barretto – The Soul Drummers
2. Take Rodriguez – Game of Exotica
3. Danny Breaks – Intro
4. Dorothy Ashby – Soul Vibrations
5. Fantastic Plastic Machine – Steppin Out
6. Towa Tei – Chatr (Japanese Rumba) Senor Coconut Remix
7. Peshay – End of Story (w/ JLive)
8. Stan Getz – Walk On By
9. Tom Assman – Rock With Me (Doshhammer Mix2)
10. Ian Pooley – Venasque
11. The Brockingtons – Love World

Jan 182009

That’s right, time for another edition of The Best Cuts of Music.
On this, the lucky edition #7, we give you underground disco jams, a Dr Dre remix, and a brand new Rumblejunkie tune fresh off the streets of Denver Colorado.
We also touch on Bill Cosby movies, training montages, and the relevance of compact discs.
So whether you’re at work, jogging, or a latchkey child, you will always feel at home with The Best Cuts of Music.

download mp3: The Best Cuts of Music – Edition 07

1. Le Tone – Jolie Dragon
2. Larry Wood – Pumping Iron (DJ Dim DJ Friendly Edit)
3. Dr Dre – Still D.R.E. (Tenzin Rmx)
4. Earth, Wind, & Fire – Runnin (Danny Krivit reedit)
5. Sonny Jenkins & The New York Potpourri Strings – That Friday Pay (Pt. 1)
6. Jimmy Edgar – Urban Outtake
7. Rumblejunkie – Kaptain Krunch
8. DAT Politics – Bubble Queen
9. Henryk Debich – Kameleon

Jan 112009

Hello again dear listeners. Welcome to the 6th Edition of The Best Cuts of Music! Your tastemakers Sam Houser and Robe Flax return for another week to drop some serious beats for your ears. Only quality tunes of course and scientifically selected to help you through the workweek. It’s cold out there so to warm up we suggest you turn down the thermostat and turn up the show.
Thanks again to all who subscribe and listen. We do appreciate all of the feedback we have received, so keep it up! We want to know what you think, or feel, or maybe you just need someone to chat with on the dark and wintry nights. TBCOM is here for you!
Enjoy the show!
download mp3: The Best Cuts of Music – Edition 06
1. PJ Pooterhoots – Can’t Go For That
2. Leon Ware – Why I Came To California
3. Cuebism – The City [edit]
4. Nathan Boon – Peanut Butter
5. Gangstarr – Full Clip (DJ Grandtheft Full Club remix)
6. My Robot Friend – Rapture
7. Rumblejunkie – Sandstorm
8. Grace Jones – Pull Up To The Bumper (Larry Levan Garage Remix)

Jan 042009

Welcome! The 5th edition of The Best Cuts of Music is finally here! It seems like just yesterday that we were curled up next to the Victrola nestled next to our loved ones listening to edition 04. But I guess that was just last week.
We think edition 05 is one of the best volumes yet but we will leave that up to you and your discriminating ears.
Thank you for subscribing, thank you for listening, and thank you for the feedback!

download mp3: The Best Cuts of Music – Edition 05

1. People Like Us – Barbed 4 People Like Us (Barbed RMX)
2. Generique – Dernier Domicile Connu
3. Plus-Tech Squeezebox – The Martin Show
4. Handsomeboy Technique – Season of Young Mouss
5. Wagon Christ – Cris Chana
6. 4 Hero feat. Bembe Segue & Kaidi Tatham – Something In The Way
7. Cuebism – Made It
8. The Gimmicks – Att Fa Resa
9. Donald Byrd – Stepping Into Tomorrow
10. Valerie Carter – Ooh Child
freestyle chopped and screwed rap