Oct 302010

Sam Houser will be mixing live on ZoneOne Radio this Monday November 1st! It will be an experimental mix sure to knock you out of this world! You can find out how to tune in by going to ZoneOne at http://zone1.us/. The time is 8:00 p.m. to 11 p.m. CST. Be sure and tune in. It’s going super sonic mix of astronomical proportions!

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Oct 242010

They’ll fight for freedom where ever there’s trouble, The Best Cuts of Music is here! Hosts Sam Houser and Robe Flax are having a bit of an identity crisis after resetting the universe. Due to various circumstances the hosts have changed up the format and the show is now The Best Cuts of G.I. Joe! It’s hosts against themselves fighting to save their day. They never give up. They’re always there. Fighting for freedom over land and air! Check out The Best Cuts of G.I. Joe!!!

download mp3: The Best Cuts of Music: Edition 78

1. Jeffrey Jerusalem – Disco Drymouth
2. Luke Million – Arnold
3. The Blessings – Arisseee Henson
4. Kelpe – Margins
5. Sugarpill – Disconnect Your Elbows
6. Ana Sia, ill.Gates – Extraordinary Rendition (Original)
7. Splatinum – Pierce The Air (Remix of Sleepy Eyes of Death)
8. Love Life Of An Orchestra – Beginning Of The Heartbreak
9. Eroc – Der Prophet
10. Goom – Good Morning

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Oct 072010


Dear users,

Hello, Robe Flax here.

I realized I have not, personally, committed an update to my (read: my) loyal TBCOM followers in quite some time. While this may elicit mixed fan responses, I assure you this is one dispatch you will be remiss in ignoring.
This dialog is really difficult to keep up, so I’ll just cut to the chase: here is my remix of Christopher Cross’s classic “Sailing”.
Where else will you find such a grueling and gnarly rework of such a soft rock classic than on TBCOM? No where else, that’s where else.

DOWNLOAD Max Growth – “Arthur’s Sailing” (Smooth Mix)

A tune that predated the TBCOM use of the character “Jonathon”.  How did I write a song about Jonathon before the character even existed?  Was it my exhaustive Coast to Coast AM listening sessions or was it my insistent linking of Infowars articles to Facebook that gave me insight into the outer specter of the unknown?  “Seemingly”, it was magic.

DOWNLOAD Max Growth – “Seemingly Jonathon”

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