Forward To The Past!



Robe Flax and Sam Houser begin this adventure with a nice morning of brunch at Sam’s house. After reading about a Delorean car for sale they decide to take it for a test drive. What they don’t realize is that they would end up in the 70’s and going to a Kraftwerk show at a club adjacent to a mall. One thing leads to another and the dynamic duo find themselves on an adventure orchestrated by the Mysterious Mr. M that leads to them trying to influence Gary Newman to write his hit song “Cars”. The two gather famous people throughout time, Robe gets lost in the 1500’s, Sam loses some people, they find out something creepy about their girlfriends, Billy the Kid and Socrates really strengthen their friendship, and time is forever changed thanks to a windshield wiper incident millions of years ago. Find out what happens on this amazing group of adventures and jams!

Part 1 The Delorean
Part 2 70’s Mall
Part 3 Ye Olde England
Part 4 Gary Newman

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