Aug 302010

Burning Man is in full swing and so is The Best Cuts of Music! Hosts Robe Flax and Sam Houser are getting their camp set up. For reasons unknown our contact may or may not be dead and Robe and Sam have to deal with the situation. Come and join these intrepid hosts and they have an adventure of a lifetime. Also, a special guest makes a reappearance. Will the universe survive this exciting conclusion to Weekend at Burning Man?! Tune in to find out!

download mp3: The Best Cuts of Music: Edition 77

1. Edwin Birdsong – Cola Bottle Baby
2. Dinosaur – Kiss Me Again (original edit by Nicky Siano & Arthur Russel)
3. Black Octopus Lipstick Project – Haute Sinners
4. The Jellies – Jive Baby On A Saturday Night (Radio Edit)
5. 50 Hertz – Armir of Djur (feat. Häxor & porr + Slagsmålsklubben)
6. Ponpoko – Friends With You Rainbow Dance
7. Plone – Plock
8. Torqux – Relentless (16Bit Remix)
9. Dumme Jungs – Stunner
10.Go Home Productions – Pinocchiohead On LSD

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  4 Responses to “The Best Cuts of Music – Edition 77”

  1. What’s up, Sam? Robe? Where are you?! Keep the good times comin’, will ya?

  2. good times are coming! Thanks for being patient. We’ve had a lot of transitioning in the last few months but we will be back and in force sometime soon!


  3. Dear listener,

    We make every attempt to work on as many new exciting TBCOM as you might expect from such a dashing and devastatingly talented duo. As such, we cannot waste our precious time (life’s lifeblood, if you will) responding to every petty and morally debase comment on our internet blog.
    I will thank you to refrain from any more of these childish transgressions.


    Robertuous Flaximus