Apr 262009

Best Cuts has turned 21 and hosts Robe Flax and Sam Houser make plans to take the show out for J├Ąger bombs and other alcohol fueled shenanigans. Tragedy strikes when the show turns missing and the hosts receive a disturbing phone call. Is Best Cuts dead? Tune in to the show and find out what happens on this emotionally charged edition of The Best Cuts of Music.

download mp3: The Best Cuts of Music: Edition 21

1. First Choice – Double Cross
2. Arnie Love & The Lovettes – Stop & Make Up Your Mind
3. Idris Muhammad – Could Heaven Ever Be Like This (Robe Flax edit)
4. Flanger – Outer Space, Inner SPace
5. Die Zwei – Grapsch! US MIX
6. Spac Hand Luke – Psycho
7. Joao Donato – Chorou, Chorou
8. Arthur Verocai – Pelas Sombras
9. Carol Caye & Joe Pass – Slick Cat
10. Takagi Masakatsu – Spring