Dec 052010

OH NO! Evil developers are trying to tear down the boys’ beloved childhood tree! They can’t build an apartment complex THERE, that tree housed The Best Cuts of Music Clubhouse! It’s a madcap misadventure as Sam and Robe attempt to stall — or foil — the money-grubbing developers sinister plans. Will the villains learn the error of their ways or will Sam and Robe learn to move on and grow up? Will a smashing Falcon Crest reference confuse the entire plot and make up for a poorly conceived Act I and II? Find out on the exciting new Best Cuts of Music adventure!

download mp3: The Best Cuts of Music: Edition 79

1. Conquest – Give It To Me (If You Don’t Mind)
2. Casual T – Hands Off
3. Wuf Ticket – The Key
4. James Wells – True Love Is My Destiny (Robe Flax reedit)
5. Solitude Collective Orchestra – Solitude
6. Mr. Beatnik – A Tribute To Diamond D
7. yuk. – onlywhenshesmiles (featuring Teebs)
8. Max Growth – Keeps You Running
9. Treasure Fingers – What Am I Supposed To Do?
10. Timely Aiah – Dirty Thoughts

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Oct 072010


Dear users,

Hello, Robe Flax here.

I realized I have not, personally, committed an update to my (read: my) loyal TBCOM followers in quite some time. While this may elicit mixed fan responses, I assure you this is one dispatch you will be remiss in ignoring.
This dialog is really difficult to keep up, so I’ll just cut to the chase: here is my remix of Christopher Cross’s classic “Sailing”.
Where else will you find such a grueling and gnarly rework of such a soft rock classic than on TBCOM? No where else, that’s where else.

DOWNLOAD Max Growth – “Arthur’s Sailing” (Smooth Mix)

A tune that predated the TBCOM use of the character “Jonathon”.  How did I write a song about Jonathon before the character even existed?  Was it my exhaustive Coast to Coast AM listening sessions or was it my insistent linking of Infowars articles to Facebook that gave me insight into the outer specter of the unknown?  “Seemingly”, it was magic.

DOWNLOAD Max Growth – “Seemingly Jonathon”

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Feb 152009

Hello listeners of The Best Cuts of Music. Hosts Robe Flax and Sam Houser have done some spelunking through the caves of music to find you these rare and special tracks. We’ve turned the jams up to eleven this week! Another delicious blend of tunes to get you through the new week. Guaranteed to enlighten and invigorate, so dust off those dance muscles and enjoy the show!

download mp3: The Best Cuts of Music: Edition 11

1. Cornelius – Magoo Opening
2. Codebreaker – First True Love Affair
3. Teenage Bad Girl – USB Dick (Plug Me In)
4. Christoper Cross – Sailing (Max Growth RMX)
5. µ-ziq – Carpet Muncher
6. Ruckus Roboticus – How To Handle Grown Ups
7. Skyy – High
8. Joubert Singers – Stand On The Word (Hot Coins RMX)
9. Zomby – Pillz
10. Magnetic Man – The Cyberman

Dec 212008

download mp3: The Best Cuts of Music – Edition 03

Welcome welcome, well it’s been a crazy couple of weeks. We’re already at Edition #3 of The Best Cuts of Music! In this show you’ll get a crazy ride from the internet/Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job! phenom Sire as well as Cloud One, Arcade Lovers, Billy Preston and many more!
Thank you to the folks that have been subscribing to the podcast via itunes and to those that have been linking to our page.
If you have any questions about the show–where do we get our tunes, where can I get some of those exclusive Max Growth tunes, where do you guys get off–please email us at or comment here.

Tune in next week for more eclectic jams as we take you into the new year in our distinctly “best” fashion.

Until then!


1. Arcade Lovers – Fantasy Lines
2. Cloud One – Disco Juice
3. Louie Austin – Easy Love
4. Sire – Sexual Romance pt. 1
5. Motocompo – You Think You’re a Man
6. Max Growth – Keeps Me Alright
7. Hifana – Wamono
8. Umas & Outras – Primaverando
9. Billy Preston – Hold Me Tighter In The Rain