Oct 192009

Dost thou knowest the time? It be the time for The Bestest Cutest ofest Musicest! Hosts Robelius Flaximus and Sam Houser come hither and thither from jolly olde Englande to bring you the dopest of jams! Last you caught our intrepid travelers they had an unfortunate row that resulted in one of them being lost in anals of time. What happened and where dost this host go?! Tune in to find out and if you see any ladies in yellow don’t look them in the eye. Perchance they might be another hosts betrothed!

download mp3: The Best Cuts of Music: Edition 46

1. Bill Laswell – Milky (Grazzhoppa RMX)
2. Rinder & Lewis – Gluttony
3. Rain Bow’s Valley – Do It For The Children
4. Black White & Co. – Black And White
5. Electric Cord Orchestra – Don’t Stop
6. Ruth – Roman Photo
7. Coach House Rhythm Section – Timewarp
8. Gregory James Edition – Changing Things
9. Kip Hanrahan – A Lover Divides His Time
10. Cartola – Preciso Me Encontrar

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