Dec 092009

Welcome one and all to another exciting adventure with The Best Cuts of Music! Hosts Robe Flax and Sam Houser travel into the depths of Machu Picchu and make some startling discoveries about themselves and the show. Finally after many episodes the hosts come face to face with their mysterious benefactor Mr. M.! What do they find out, what is the future of the show, and just who is this Mr. M anyway?! Set your browsers to download and find out!

download mp3: The Best Cuts of Music: Edition 53

1. Omodaka – Asadoya Yunta
2. Visit Venus – First Man On The Moog
3. Sdp – Nice Guy (Nice Guitar Dub) [Hiroshi Fujiwara Mix]
4. Tony Aiken & Future 2000 – Better Days
5. Hifana – Uchi-nan-champroo ft. Kotobuki
6. Harold Alexander – Mama Soul
7. Fantastic Plastic Machine – Different Colors
8. Peter Jacques Band – Walking On Music (Disco Edit)
9. The Nick Straker Band – A Little Bit of Jazz
10. Towa Tei – Contact

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