Jul 252011

The Best Cuts of Music is back for another exciting installment chock full of laughs and amazing jams!!! Hosts Robe Flax and Sam Houser have gotten into the genetic splicing game. What will they create?! What does any of this have to do with Rebecca Black and creating the perfect pop song!? Download and find out! Your ears will thank you!

download mp3: The Best Cuts of Music: Edition 81

1. Tommie Young – Hit & Run Lover
2. Manu Dibango – Groovy Flute
3. Mor Thiam – Ayo Ayo Nene
4. The Har You Percussion Group – Welcome To The Party
5. Matthew Garton – Soul For Rent
6. Larry Tee – Let’s Make Nasty
7. Daedelus – You’ve Heard
8. Delta 5 – Mind Your Own Business
9. Neonbabies – Profi (Edit)
10. Superproducer featuring Benni Cinkle – Creep (Co-Executive Produced by Sam Houser & Robe Flax)