Apr 192011
The Best Cuts of Music - Edition 80

Hello true believers and welcome to another exciting installment of The Best Cuts of Music! Hosts Robe Flax and Sam Houser are back from their extensive Christmas holiday and have gotten themselves into yet another adventure. The two accidentally meet in what seems to be a familiar place. Of course one thing leads to another […]

Dec 232010
The Best Cuts of Christmas Music

Welcome to The Best Cuts of Music Christmas Special! If you were wondering how Santa got all those presents to you last night it was thanks to the help of show hosts Robe Flax and Sam Houser! We hope you are all having a Happy Holidays and as a gift we have made this Christmas […]

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Dec 052010
The Best Cuts of Music - Edition 79

OH NO! Evil developers are trying to tear down the boys’ beloved childhood tree! They can’t build an apartment complex THERE, that tree housed The Best Cuts of Music Clubhouse! It’s a madcap misadventure as Sam and Robe attempt to stall — or foil — the money-grubbing developers sinister plans. Will the villains learn the […]

Nov 232010
The Young Space Travelers Guide to Sound

DOWNLOAD MIX New special edition space mix by Sam Houser! Originally mixed live on ZoneOne Radio on Monday November 1st. The mix was carefully put back together with the help of NASA scientists. It comes in just slightly over 2 hours. Prepare yourself for a super galactic time!